Voodoo czy Mr. Thready, który nosili to lepiej?

It’s been well over five years now since this little ball of thread has lugged a sore leg, half-opened eye and the name of Czarnoksięstwo before poof! Ayramen Studio decided to christen him Mr. Thready this June past.

At first glance it would seem the former was more appropriate. Voodoo, teraz Mr. Thready, finds himself conscious in the dank, sepia-filtered confines of what was once a sewing factory of the booming 50’s.

If he’s still stuck in the era we’re not told, yet since all games must have an end goal, Mr. Thready naturally has you wandering through the facility piecing both its puzzles and your existence together.

Commemorating the change in title is the new trailer where you’ll find quite a few things stand out; pointing n’ clicking is used solely in interacting with the scenes’ many minutiae, fusing objects together, dragging/pushing objects, and that’s about it.

There won’t be any fleshed-out inventory system or even many choices of text to scroll through, since Mr. Thready will communicate in a lingua of illustrations and sounds. With whom? That rude chap from Chiny at 0: 50 for instance, or even Bokor, among others.

Some concepts of Bokor, the main villain of Voodxo.#sketch #concept #conceptart #doodle #gamedev #indiedev #indiegamedev #GamersUnite

Wysłane przez Mr. Thready on Wtorek, Marzec 27, 2018

A clutter-free UI in a cluttered environment does make for simple gameplay and many possibilities then, it seems, while there certainly will be instances when you may risk putting Mr. Thready do śmierci.

Above all is the art form, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing how the project’s originally the brainchild of a couple of artists with zero programming know-how. It seems like our titular character’s animations also been through an aktualizacja off late and so has the environmental projekt.

So much so that despite pessimism being the underlying theme here, the game looks heaps brighter than it did back in 2013. Gauge for yourselves.

Fans and followers at least seem to welcome the change in name and direction, while there are no release confirmations yet. Still, stop by the oficjalna strona internetowa and enjoy the gallery, yeah?

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