Płatności w systemie Active Shooter Paypal ograniczone ze względu na promowanie przemocy
Aktywna strzelanka

Acid Software’s Aktywna strzelanka is considered by most gamers to be an asset flipped version of the original Counter-STrike, allowing you to play as either an active shooter or as the SWAT forces sent to stop him. Well, recently Paypal barred payments from being made through their service to purchase Aktywna strzelanka because they claim that the game promotes violence, which goes against their terms of service.

In a statement sent to the Associated, the company explained…

“PayPal has a longstanding, well-defined and consistently enforced Acceptable Use Policy, and regardless of the individual or organization in question, we work to ensure that our services are not used to accept payments for activities that promote violence,”

This explanation from Paypal left a lot of gamers scratching their heads, mainly because you can use Paypal to pay for Steam games such as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty or Pole bitwy games, all of which also contain first-person shooting violence identical to Aktywna strzelanka.

As some gamers pointed out, what makes Aktywna strzelanka a tool for promoting violence anymore than the “No Russian” level from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Or what makes Aktywna strzelanka worse than Pocztowy or Nienawiść?

And if a game like Aktywna strzelanka promotes violence simply by allowing players to embody the role of an active shooter, does that mean games like Call of Duty: WW2 promotes gamers to become Nazis? And does that also mean that games like Super Mario Odyssey that allow you jump on the heads of animals turns kids into animal abusers? And does that mean that every fighting game where you can only win by beating your opponents face into a pulp also promotes violence?

The Associated Press doesn’t detail what “promotes violence” means in context of Aktywna strzelanka, and Paypal doesn’t bother to offer an explanation.

Meanwhile, Acid announced via Twitter that they’re looking into getting the issue fixed so that gamers can purchase Aktywna strzelanka directly from their website.

The developers also noted that they’re looking into refunding gamers for the purchase of Aktywna strzelanka but they’ve asked gamers to “please wait”.

At the moment you cannot purchase Aktywna strzelanka z oficjalna strona internetowa, as an update notes that it’s “out of stock”.

The game is currently still in Early Access after it was removed from Steam due to the publisher violating Valve’s terms of service by gaming the review system and by antagonizing customers.

Russian rep Ata Berdyev told the Associated Press that Americans are basically trying to censor them from publishing the title…

“[…] seems like everyone in US is trying to censor us, whilst not explaining what exactly we are violating.”

Some commenters from around the web actually agree.

America’s broken culture shouldn’t be an obstruction for developers to explore their own creative endeavors, no matter how crude or distasteful.

Nevertheless, if you want to try out a demo for Aktywna strzelanka Można to zrobić, odwiedzając oficjalna strona internetowa.

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